Friday, March 26, 2010


When I went to clean up a room for a new flatmate moving in, and began hauling out peoples left behind and forgotten stuff, it definitely made me aware of how much 'stuff' I have. In a way I almost feel guilty. After thinking of various reasons like: it's just our consumeristic society, I'm not that bad compared to the people that make it... what!? I think some of that reasoning is sometimes a way to try and escape guilt, which is not really helpful at all, but it's a start.
Honesty is helpful. Awareness is helpful. Knowledge is helpful.
When we are able to see how much rubbish we are making, through uninformed purchases of more stuff, with more fancy packaging, then we can start to realise our actions have some room for improvement.

So once this awareness of a problem has increased, I (and probably most) search for alternatives.
There is a probelm with the sustainability of the earths resources but how do we address it, what are the possible solutions, how can 'I' start living more sustainably? Like the question states, living sustainably is about not trying to change others but ourselves. It is an extension of the Permaculture imperative of "going home and gardening"; taking care of our own back yards first (Mollison 1988).

Here's a good site I found with some practical steps toward a more sustainable existence.

The term sustainability still seems very vague and I found an interesting desciption I think is on the right track and describes it as an important but unfocused concept like "liberty" or "justice". Blewitt, J. (2008). Because at the moment I'm beginning to think sustainability is something that will constantly need to be re-defined as we change and challenge our way of life.

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