Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 times a day

I've heard the word 'multi-nationals' thrown around a lot and usually in quite a negative light toward 'those big multi-nationals'. And after watching Food Inc I find myself again seeing the brief case carrying multi-national business suits as some kind of Smith without morals or regard for the plebeians.
So in Food Inc, there's the farmer versus corporation, and as usual the large corporation refuses to comment. Having been raised to believe that there is always two sides to a story, I wish they would just comment for once and join the debate, as I'm sure there are a few more considerations that may not have been portrayed in the film. However, there is a segment that showed the growth of a particular organic trade show which was about 20% a year and as they walked around the displays quite a few of them were of organic brands that had been bought out by none other than... large multi-nationals. Obviously words like organic/sustainable/eco-friendly/green-alternatives are all the rage, so these large organisations are quick to jump on the band-wagon, so surely they have a conscience too or as usual they are beginning to see dollar signs in these products, because at the end of the day we are the ones driving the band-wagon. So even depending on what we eat, we have the chance to vote how these large companies will act, 3 times a day.
Do we buy local? Do we buy organic? Do we buy free range?

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