Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When starting out on this design project, I've found it really takes a while to build a picture of where a project is heading. Initially the idea itself seems pretty straight forward and simple enough but when trying to position it by asking questions of where exactly it is heading and what it's going to look like almost seemingly become a little more clouded the further I research.
The first ideas of what a project is going to look like will undoubtably change, and I think this clouded image of an outcome is what attracts me to keep researching to find a clearer outcome.
Mapping out my research in a visual form is really starting to help as there is just too much info surrounding what has already been done before. Part of the fun is choosing an appropriate way to document this collection of information and then diplay it in a cohesive manner in which I can see the grouping of info and ask what is missing or where I head to next.
All this is starting to demistify the cloud.

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