Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Why do we care? In a society that seems pretty self-centered why is it that some of us care more than others about the environment? Is it only the people who have recreational pursuits in the environment who care because they don't want to give up their lifestyle, or farmers who depend on the local environment to produce an income, or hippies, religious people or concerned parents? Whatever it might be there has been some sort of education along the way that's told us that the way we are living is unsustainable and we need to change our behavior.
So does it all come down to education? Aside from most city and suburb dwellers being disconnected from the natural environment by comfortable lives sheltered from all natural forces. Is it that some people just don't care?
I look at smoking and the tobacco industry, and how that has changed dramatically, where big business ruled peoples health through clever marketing, yet through education this is changing... finally where it would now seem totally disrespectful to light up inside a building. Yet some people still smoke.

So people need to vote with their money by buying products that are supposedly sustainable or organic. How can we get to a place where the majority of people are concerned about what is in their food or how their clothes or products are made? Education would seem a good idea, but also wouldn't it be easier if the producers of the food/products did the hard yards with sustainability and sold better products to the mindless consumers? But again awareness is helpful, knowledge is helpful. It still seems strange that educated corporates can overlook their own values to keep producing rubbish to make money.
OMG I think I'm turning into an activist or something. I don't think I'll stop eating meat, maybe just start shopping better.

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