Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the challenge

After taking my new alaia out on the weekend, it was far more difficult to surf than I had realised, I think we surfers may just take our current boards for granted. With the amount of bouyancey we now have, it makes paddling into surf very easy in comparison to what has been used historically. Up until this point I had always thought of surfing as a sport which was no where near as easy as snowboarding or skateboarding where you are up and riding more or less straight away, after a couple of hours on the alaia I can now appreciate the skill which people must have had to ride these boards, and it's not like they had the luxury of cutting their teeth on a nice light polyurethane foam board and eventually progress to smaller/harder to paddle boards.
From the clip you can see how low I am in the water which makes paddling anywhere a mission, one good point tho is that it duck dives deeper than any other board i've riden, infact it might make a better submarine :). By the end I was starting to get a better feel for how to react when paddling for a wave, and as hard as it seemed, it's just a totally different style of surfing which I really wouldn't mind getting used to.

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  1. Really cool video Mike. I very much enjoyed it. Glad you caught a wave at the end.
    Can't wait to see more dude. -Aaron