Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just having a browse through as a friend had sent me a link to the amazing ocean-green surfboards. Looking at all the products (some of which are far more interesting than others), the main thing that the website uses is a medium thumbnail image to catch my attention, with a short sentence to describe the product. This is the one thing that regulates which of the squares are clicked on and how many hits you get on your website, so the ability to capture the product and communicate you're ideas in a photo is extremely important.
Of the products I chose to investigate, most of them where the images that communicated enough information but not all, maybe the picture was of a detail or from an interesting angle, this made me even more inquisitive to find out about said product. So this sense of intrigue is important because if the image communicates too much then why should I bother going to their website to find out more info when I have it all right in front of me.
These are important points to consider as I'm trying to capture my products in a way that speaks of the idea yet adds intrigue and draws people in who may not even surf but are inquisitive to read more about these new boards.

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