Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 weeks

The past month has felt like I've been trapped inside a cave formulating a document which nicely structures my research into something that others can read (a process of staring at images of surfboards and surf, whilst having 0 time to surf). Being entrenched in an assignment of this size I find that where I have arrived at is so far from where I began that I can barely remember half the things considered in the process, which is where this blog steps in. Reading back through my ramblings I get snapshots of ill formed thoughts and ideas as i started out piecing this all together, with side topic ideas like refuse collection...??fruitless meetings with materials scientists, and early recordings of experimental surf-craft. It all helps capture this years journey from beginning to where-ever it leads next...

Really thinking a lot about high-tec vs low-tec at the moment, which could be a possible avenue to investigate. i.e why should someone run a CNC for hours if there is a way to make the same object by hand with minimal tools and energy required. I call it amish vs the techno-geek. What I'm really questioning, is the energy used in making products, when we live in a world where it is a lot easier to turn to the laser cutter or CNC router when there are hand tools in my garage outside with which I can build a surfboard from. Is it possible to build a surfboard by hand that is as symmetrically balanced as one produced on a CNC?? I have some thoughts...

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