Monday, October 18, 2010

Unseen, concealed, encased, buried, secretive, veiled, hidden, mystery, are not common words linked to the marketing or branding of a product. But these words are suited to my current honeycomb surfboard which conceals what many find intriguing about the board, that is the honeycomb structure hidden inside. This sense of intrigue can only lead to discovery, and when that discovery unfolds a fascinating new object, people are captured and begin to engage with the object. And everyone knows the journey of discovery is a memorable one.
So I'm wondering how to brand this or name it and at the moment I feel it's important to have a name/brand but this doesn't need to be the dominant feature which will forever be associated with the surfboard, it can be small and subtle and maybe not even on the board itself. Which is why I am designing a protective cover for the board which will subtly communicate the brand, when discovered.

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