Monday, September 6, 2010

ideas vs time

In an attempt to begin the next series of boards I've decided to focus on the use of paulownia and really try to push the already successful internal structure to almost breaking point. There are areas with which I can further reduce material during the cut as well as tweaking the structure to make the honeycomb pattern larger with reduced wall thickness. It seems like there are endless possibilities with wood, surfboard shape, style and construction method, in a way I want to experiment with every aspect but have recently been reminding myself why I am heading in this direction.

I guess every sport has trends that come and go, dictated by what is deemed fashionable at the time. The return of the retro fish and it's modern interpretations, as well as the mini-simmons and also the resurgent interest in nose-riding shows how styles come and go and are constantly re-invented.
I would like to try my construction method out on a wider variety of shapes and think it's important to test its versatility across all surf-craft, but there's no point in pursuing a forever changing form until I am happy with how this method performs to the level of what synthetic materials are able to achieve. This is why I chose to model my form from existing performance shortboards I already own. Also because if this works, these boards will be on high rotation this summer. It even seems a bit risky putting it all out into cyber space, especially as it isn't totally resolved yet. I guess that's why its called a research project.